â€‹James Weatherill

James Weatherill is adding time to his schedule for more writing and playing his guitars. He looks forward to traveling around America with his wife.



James Weatherill​ creates art from scraps of wood.  Click the ART tab to see photographs of some of his pieces.  He also loves to write and his book, THE BLADES CARRY ME: Inside the Helicopter War in Vietnam, can be accessed under the WRITING tab. With 50 years in the aviation industry, Jim is also an expert aviation witness and reseacher for accidents, both fixed wing and helicopter.  He can be accessed via CONTACT email.

James Weatherill has been a pilot since 1962.  He flew helicopters in Vietnam 1967-68 amassing 1,341 combat hours.  He flew helicopters throughout the west logging, fire fighting, and constructing dams, power lines and ski lifts.  He flew for commuter, regional and national airlines, retiring as a Boeing 737 Captain with flights ranging from Alaska to Peru.